I write in various flavors of paranormal romance and dark fantasy. Be it werewolves, vampires, or other supernatural creatures, my stories bite hard and don’t let go. Sometimes mythic and erotic in tone, sometimes gritty and fast-paced, my work bounces here and there, with the only constant being sexy, fucked up romance that’s all aboutĀ the tenderness of beasts.

Sick of the blowhard self-promotion and looking for my actual work? Read on, brave voyager.

Monstrous Hearts (erotic paranormal romance)

Wolf’s Wife (available on Amazon)
Wolf’s Bane (completed on Wattpad)

The Werewolves of Crescent City (dark fantasy romance)

Love Bites (ongoing on Wattpad)

The Skin Witch Series (gritty paranormal romance with a science fiction streak)

Good As Dead (completed on Wattpad)


Want to know more about me? It’s all there in my stories, hidden between the lines.

Want to know more aboutĀ future projects? Get thee to my blog and discover how boring a writer is when she talks about her ideas.

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