Dark yet sweet. Fucked up yet tender. Stories of wolves and heroines who don’t fear them.

My work spans erotic paranormal romance, decopunk, dark fantasy, gritty science fiction/fantasy blends, and various other subgenres. What’s constant? Romance. The tenderness of beasts. Character-driven stories set in fantastic worlds.

Want a free taste? I post unedited first drafts on Wattpad and Inkitt.

MONSTROUS HEARTS — erotic paranormal romance

WOLF’S WIFE (ebook available on multiple platforms)
WOLF’S BANE (ebook available on multiple platforms)
WOLF’S KIN (ebook available on multiple platforms)
SHADOW’S KISS (ebook available soon!)

Paperbacks for all four books are available on Amazon. If you can’t or don’t want to buy them through Amazon, you can also buy them on Book Depository or order them through most local bookstores.

THE WEREWOLVES OF CRESCENT CITY — romantic decopunk with werewolves

LOVE BITES (ongoing on Wattpad)
SECRETS IN THE MOON (ebook and paperback available on multiple platforms)