Dark yet sweet. Fucked up yet tender. Stories of wolves and heroines who don’t fear them.

My work spans erotic paranormal romance, decopunk, dark fantasy, gritty science fiction/fantasy blends, and various other subgenres. What’s constant? Romance. The tenderness of beasts. Character-driven stories set in fantastic worlds.

Want a free taste? I post unedited first drafts on Wattpad and Inkitt.

MONSTROUS HEARTS — erotic paranormal romance

WOLF’S WIFE (ebook available on multiple platforms)
WOLF’S BANE (ebook available on multiple platforms)
WOLF’S KIN (ebook available on multiple platforms)

THE WEREWOLVES OF CRESCENT CITY — romantic decopunk with werewolves

LOVE BITES (ongoing on Wattpad)
SECRETS IN THE MOON (ongoing on Wattpad and Inkitt)