I’m not good at being a writer.

I go to a coffee shop and stuff my face with  pastries instead of writing furiously in a Moleskine notebook.

I don’t even have a Moleskine notebook. I have the cheap spiral type that goes for a buck a pop.

I never knew in my heart that I was born to be a writer. Nope. Uh-uh. I just started for shits and giggles, and eventually my initial ego and naiveté hardened into persistence and a weedy sort of love for storytelling.

I don’t get offended when people think writing isn’t a real job or real work. Their opinion is their business. My business is writing about werewolf balls in the most tasteful way possible.

I don’t pop up my collar while taking strolls to ponder about the meaning of existence and how to trap it into art. It makes my neck itch.


Which is a pity, because it looks snazzy as fuck.

7 thoughts on “I’m not good at being a writer.

  1. Love it. I’m a buck spiral team member also. The wonderful thing about being a writer is it can happen anywhere and with almost any materials we can get our hands on. We paint with words and breathe life into our mental creations. Feels remarkable. Write on! Write on! 🙂

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  2. The only time I’ve heard of moleskin notebooks is in a post making fun of hipsters and Harrisburg and Trump all in one go. And the only time I’ve ever used moleskin in my life is while dancing and wearing pointe shoes. So I think of feet, and notebooks, and the two don’t go very well together.

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